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To stop diabetes!

I was on September 11-12 in Darmstad, Germany, at Merck’s headquarters, at the invitation of Merck Brazil, to participate in the Prediabetes Experts Panel. I was one of the 18 people who attended the meeting, the only patient, the only journalist, the only one with social media in diabetes on the panel. I was one of the experts. It was an honor to be able to talk about my vision, from the point of view of Brazil, to think about the gaps, together, and present possible solutions.



I’m writing this text still at the Frankfurt airport to tell you all about the shortest trip I’ve ever taken, but it’s possibly the one which I could bring so many things back in my luggage. And I am not talking about goods. No, not at all. I haven’t had time to buy anything whatsoever. What I am carrying in my luggage is way much more precious, and it’s something I am going to keep forever, the experience of sharing information and solutions “for diabetes”. This is something no money is able to buy and it’s absolutely priceless. We’ve heard experiences from all over the world: United Kingdom, Romania, USA, Dubai, Japan, Korea, Germany, The Philippines, Mexico and Brazil. We discussed about public and private health systems, the social media role, programms which are presenting considerable results in certain locations, and mostly about the gaps to detect prediabetes and solutions to fill in these gaps.

I cannot tell you about what we discussed yet. However I can give you some insights. I am extremely grateful for contributing with all my experience in health communication, journalism, with my understanding in human health, which I’ve been working with since I worked at “Associação Paulista de Medicina (APM)” and the Union of Medical Doctors, with my view as a patient. A patient who’s been sharing health information for 12 years. I am delighted to realize that my ideas were taken as seriously as those from professionals such as the vice-president of International Diabetes Federation (IDF).

It was amazing to have the possibility of sharing my view and my own ideas, enhanced my “repertoire” with so many different and important experiences.

This is undoubtedly one of the greatest recognitions you can ever have. And I give credits to everyone who follows and nurtures me with good experiences telling me about their life stories and realities with diabetes. Nevertheless, our current mission is to prevent diabetes from growing and spreading even more. I’m aware many people who follow me didn’t have the opportunity of preventing it, but the majority do. Moreover, we can take the lead in this mission, although the reality of type 1-diabetes is so different in many ways, but we do need to take on this role as prevention agents against the system breakdown which will not be able to cope with the demand of the population suffering from diabetes. I must say the same with regard to the obesity, a field which I’ve been working for 5 years now:

Nobody suffers from obesity because wants to, as well as diabetes. Let’s do our part, for the good of humanity!

Thanks, team Merck!

Texto: Luciana Oncken

Tradução: Carla Rafaela Oliveira

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